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With his terrible injuries clearly visible, the young man says he is in agony and begs passers-by to take him to the hospital - but he is cruelly told to walk if he wants treatment.

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In addition to his solo music career, he also performs as a member of the band Queen Adam Lambert.

Lambert later branched out into acting, appearing on the Fox show Glee in fall 2013.

In the morning - 7 mile progrssion run (progressively faster) with a 1 mile cool down. Cool enough that I needed to wear my Arm Panties to keep the arms from getting to cold.

Biked ride at noon in sunny but slightly cool weather - around 50.

Although I usually hate to agree with him, he's probably right. 2) Matt Giraud (TMAR- will be going down) "Viva La Vida"- Coldplay. I hate to harp on it but he definitely didn't choose the right song. I could only understand about half of the words he was singing.

Adam Lambert’s June issue of Rolling Stone magazine had the Idol runner-up talking honestly about his sexuality and other personal things. Adam’s cover was the best selling Rolling Stone of the year.

And one big factor that contributes to this success? It's because of the hugely popular runner-up name Adam Lambert! Source Basically, what happened yesterday was that Perez Hilton posted an article to congratulate Adam Lambert on his best selling Rolling Stone magazine cover then says that Adam is a bottom.

“I cannot explain it, but this has brought the two of us closer together.” Hey, Jason, since you’re having trouble articulating your love, if you ever need a writing coach, you know who to call!

By the way, have you heard that Jason Mesnick has launched Jason’s Place, which he says “is going to be the most AMAZING resource for single parents; it will be like nothing else out there.” “I want you to know Moll and I are doing great,” Jason adds.