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It was named after Charles and Augustus Storrs, brothers who donated the land for the school as well as initial funding.

Are andy and solbi dating

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” Solbi and Andy have had to reply constantly to reports whether they were really dating after their cute displays towards each in MBC “We Got Married” variety.

A scandal that hinted that they are in an intimate relationship with each other but which both their camps immediately denied citing reasons of the two just being close friends which can perhaps be mistaken for something more just because they’re “affectionate” with each other…However, the bond and closeness that the two have built during the long almost 24/7 shoots while the drama was ongoing must have led to something good because even up to now when almost 3 years have passed since BOF has ended, the Korean press is still constantly linking them to each other through questions they ask even in more recent interviews…Fan accounts also sometimes mention how these two are constantly spotted together with the other F4 boys in random places during early mornings in Seoul which leads me to believe that the OTP is solid, thanks mostly to the deep friendship they forged during the harrowing days of filming…Recently, Solbi had been updating her cyworld with tons of pictures of Andy in MS and their pictures from We Got Married and Andy was recently caught getting giddy in a radio interview whenever asked about her…This coupling also has the parents approval from both sides and in a recent interview Solbi’s dad exclaimed how he thought that things between Andy & Solbi’s been running well, but suddenly Andy entered MS and now Solbi has to wait for 3 years hinting at the probability that they’re really together which earned him a nudge from Solbi to keep quiet…Nos Hemos Casado es un popular reality show surcoreano de la MBC que empezó a emitirse en el 2008.El programa trata sobre parejas de celebridades que viven como parejas de casados. If it looks like that, it means we have succeeded”, Solbi revealing her feelings towards Andy from Shinhwa.In an interview with Sports Chosun on 25th April, Solbi denied allegations on the internet about their dating scandal and said that they were not dating at all in reality.So you would all die of mushiness reading about Anbi here is my fave news of all Andy and Solbi are currently playing a newlywed couple on MBC's We Got Married, and are enjoying a great deal of popularity among viewers.