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Not if you enlist the help of that four-legged canine cupid bouncing around your feet.That’s right: your dog, in addition to being your very best friend, may also be your best asset on the “ruff” and rocky road to romance.“That is why I am saying that if you provide us with identity of someone who allows their dogs to foul on the streets and doesn’t clear it up and that leads to a prosecution, then we will give you your council tax for free.“It will be cost neutral for us because we will be able to fine these people the maximum amount.” “We have got to try and restore some pride in our city,” he added.

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“In certain parts of Liverpool,” he said, “you step out of your car and you are hit by the smell of it – it is totally unacceptable.

The city’s Labour mayor Joe Anderson said the tax break reward for evidence leading to a successful conviction of the dog owner could also be given to anyone informing the authorities about the identity of repeat offenders.

He has asked for a report examining how the reward scheme could be implemented to be supplied to him within a month.

Hernan Cortés wrote, in a 1520 letter, that the Aztecs raised and sold the little dogs as food.

Small dogs such as Chihuahuas were also used as living hot-water bottles during illness or injury.